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n celebration of the World Wetlands Day 2024, CENRO Ayungon conducted a two (2) day cleanup at Tiguib Creek and Manjuyod respectively.

Tiguib Creek cleanup was participated by 55 employees of CENRO Ayungon and collected plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, and organic trash such as dry leaves, branches, and logs.

In Manjuyod, around 208 participants from Brgy Campuyo (officials), PNP Manjuyod, BFP, SK of Campuyo, Negros Island Anti Crime and Illegal Drug Association Inc. (NIACIDA) Manjuyod Chapter and residents of Brgy Campuyo, Manjuyod.

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Brgy Campuyo participants were able to collect 55 sacks of plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, beverage bottles, Styrofoam, bags, and other types of trash.