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n celebration of the World Wetlands Day 2024, CENRO Ayungon conducted a two (2) day cleanup at Tiguib Creek and Manjuyod respectively.

Tiguib Creek cleanup was participated by 55 employees of CENRO Ayungon and collected plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, and organic trash such as dry leaves, branches, and logs.

In Manjuyod, around 208 participants from Brgy Campuyo (officials), PNP Manjuyod, BFP, SK of Campuyo, Negros Island Anti Crime and Illegal Drug Association Inc. (NIACIDA) Manjuyod Chapter and residents of Brgy Campuyo, Manjuyod.

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Brgy Campuyo participants were able to collect 55 sacks of plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, beverage bottles, Styrofoam, bags, and other types of trash.


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Being one of the geosites of the recently UNESCO-designated Bohol Island Global Geopark, Canawa Cold Spring is a potential recreational, educational, and research ecotourism destination in the province. Hence, a tree growing and spring clean-up activities were conducted along the periphery of the spring in celebration of the "World Wetlands Day".

Indigenous/native species were planted at the 20-meter easement zone around the spring. A collaborative action from DENR-CENRO Talibon through the partnerships of Bohol Provincial Environment Management Office (BPEMO); MLGU of Candijay, and BLGU of Canawa made this action possible.

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The activity aims to enhance the natural beauty of the spring by sustaining and improving its biodiversity. As such, aimed to connect and be part of wetlands restoration for equal benefit of people and nature.


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The Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary (OIWS) in Cebu, Philippines, came alive with vibrant festivities in celebration of World Wetlands Day. Led by the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer Jose Cleo Cary F. Colis and with PA-OIWS staff, led by the PA-Coordinator Lorenz Gideon Esmero, played a crucial role in orchestrating the day's events seamlessly.

The theme for the day, "Wetlands & Human-wellbeing," echoed throughout the activities, emphasizing the crucial link between these ecosystems and the overall well-being of humanity. Brgy. Captain of San Vicente, Hon. Edilberta E. Lambojon, emphasized that wetlands are like the "kidney of our planet," providing various ecological services essential for human well-being, such as water filtration and purification, flood control, and the removal of waste and toxins, ultimately maintaining the overall balance of the ecosystem. PENR Officer Jose Cleo Cary F. Colis, in his message, discussed the importance of wetlands, including their uses, the thriving of various animal species, and the negative impact of human actions on wetlands, such as the use of fertilizers, chemicals, and single-use plastics. He encouraged the students and other participants to actively protect wetlands because, as the barangay mentioned, they are indeed the "kidney of our planet.

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Activities witnessed during the celebration included an enlightening lecture by OIWS PA-Coordinator Lorenz Gideon Esmero, emphasizing the vital role of wetlands. The event also featured a Poster Making Contest involving seven schools and a Wetlands Challenge with a Cleanup Competition and Bird Identification activity by eleven groups. Participants actively contributed to the preservation of the ecosystem, fostering awareness about wetlands' significance.

The World Wetlands Day celebrations at Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary served not only as a moment of joy and festivity but also as a platform for education and action. The collective efforts of DENR PENRO Cebu, Regional Office (CDD & RSCIG), OIWS, CENRO Cebu City and the participating schools and groups demonstrated a commitment to the conservation of wetlands for the well-being of both nature and the local community.

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As part of the celebration of the World Wetlands Day 2024, PENRO Negros Oriental and CENRO Dumaguete conducted a Lecture on Caring and Nurturing the Wetlands as discussed by For. Jacinto Mari and Ma. Theresa Quijano. Also, participants were able to remove barnacle and other debris as part of the maintenance activity and ensure growth and survival of mangroves in Siit Bay, Siaton, Negros Oriental. Lastly, a cleanup activity was organized and collected 10 kilos of trash, mostly of plastic (bag, bottles, packaging).

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Around 95 individuals from PENRO and CENRO, Peopleโ€™s Organization Siit Fishermenโ€™s Association, and students/ youth joined the celebration.


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It's wonderful to see the comprehensive efforts and dedication of DENR7 PENRO Siquijor in contributing to the success of the "Halad sa Katawhan" event as part of the "Adlaw sa Probinsya sa Siquijor 2023" celebration. Providing essential services services and facilitating land titling processes is instrumental in making government services more accessible and efficient for the people of Siquijor.

This collaborative approach with the  assistance to the Registry of Deeds (ROD), not only benefits individual landowners but also promotes transparency and fairness in land administration, which is crucial for community well-being.

The event undoubtedly provided an excellent platform for the local community to engage with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and gain a deeper understanding of the valuable services you offer.

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Acknowledging the support of the Provincial Government of Siquijor, led by the Governor Jake Vincent S. Villa and Vice Governor Dr. Mei Ling Quezon Brown, highlights the importance of teamwork and cooperation delivering these vital services to the public. This news article showcases a commendable effort towards good governance and community service.