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Seventy Eight (78) wildlife species were confiscated by DENR-7 Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Tagbilaran Enforcement and Monitoring team during the raid in a joint operation with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)-Bohol agents in Bohol Enchanted Zoological and Botanical Garden (BEZBG), Poblacion, Bilar, Bohol last March 03, 2023.

The operation resulted on the apprehension of the seventy eight (78) different kinds of wildlife species, accounted and identified as two (2) Philippine Macaque Monkey, two (2) Black Nape Oriole, Eight (8) White Eared-Brown Dove, two (2) Zebra Dove, two (2) Emerald Dove, six (6) Malay Civet Cat, three (3) White Brown Crake, two (2) Monitor Lizard, thirty one (31) Asian Box Turtle, Five (5) Brahminy Kite and some endangered species, one (1) Philippine Eagle Owl and three (3) Reticulated Python.

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The six (6) Philippine Hanging Parrot, critically endangered specie and the near threatened five (5) Philippine Tarsiers were immediately released to their natural habitat due to their sensitivity to unfamiliar and streesful conditions after checking the health conditions of the wildlife. The remaining sixty-seven (67) wild animals and reptiles are now under the temporary custody of Mr. German Palapar, a holder of DENR Wildlife Permitee.

CENRO Tagbilaran prepared all the necessary documents for the inquest proceedings held last March 06, 2023 and filing the case against the owner, general manager and the supervisor present during the raid for violating Republic Act No. 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act of 2001 on March 17, 2023.


RED Paquito D. Melicor, Jr. send a warning to violators on illegal acts on wildlife here in Central Visayas, the DENR-7 Wildlife Monitoring and Enforcement Team and other enforcement agency are working together and vigilant in apprehending wildlife without documents and may filed cases against the offenders.

Also, Kudos to the the NBI Bohol Chief Atty. Josie Ermie Monstanto and his team for the successful operation, RED Melicor added.

Wildlife keepers and owners may legally obtain rights to possess wild animals either for pet, exhibition or for educational purposes by applying and acquiring a permit or certificate from DENR-7.