ayungon wetlands day 1

CENRO Ayungon, Negros Oriental- Bringing the theme “It’s Time for Wetland Restoration”, the DENR CENRO-Ayungon together with the barangay officials celebrated the 2023 World Wetlands Day celebration on February 2, 2023, by participating in an Inland Clean-up Drive at Barangay Tiguib, Ayungon, Negros Oriental spearheaded by the newly designated CENR Officer, For. Vicente Rustico M. Calizar.

The activity was conducted at the river beside the CENR Office wherein stations have been created. The 1.77 km. short course of the river flows from Sitio Kansalanga down to the coastal area of Brgy. Tiguib.

A total of 15 trash bags/sacks have been collected which is equivalent to 174.5 kgs of accumulated waste materials. Most of the items found were household wastes that are very common in residential areas such as plastic bags & bottles, diapers, sachets of detergents & shampoos, food containers, straws, old items of clothing, and plastic utensils.

ayungon wetlands day 3

The activity aims not only to cultivate teamwork among the volunteers but also to strengthen cohesiveness and foster cooperation among the local residents of the barangay. But most importantly, it helps promote or raise environmental awareness in the community, especially on how to help revive and restore degraded wetlands.

Wetlands are part of our daily day-to-day lives and are extremely beneficial both to the people and wildlife, that’s why the local residents play a vital role by getting involved in activities on mitigation measures or by doing simple things in their own little ways (e.g., proper waste disposal, recycling, avoiding the use of toxic products, plant trees, etc.) in order to contribute effectively and efficiently in the protection and conservation of our environment.