The Department of Environment and Natural Resources 7 (DENR) officially welcomes in the region, Assistant Secretary (ASEC) for Field Operations- Visayas, Arleigh J. Adorable CESO III. As a way of welcoming and reintroduction, ASEC Adorable along with DENR 7 Assistant Regional Director of Management Services, Engr. Trinidad Etulle and OIC Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services, For. Charlie Fabre visited DENR 7 field offices and line bureaus.

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A briefing meeting with all the offices under DENR 7, covering the profiles and the pressing of each was also conducted. ASEC Adorable acknowledges DENR 7’s OIC Regional Executive Director Paquito Melicor, Jr. CESO IV and the offices for warmly welcoming him in Central Visayas. In his speech, he explains that there is no secret formula towards attaining and achieving the accomplishments aside from hard work, dedication and the passion to do things. He emphasizes the importance of information and communications technology (ICT) to be at par with present technology. ASEC Adorable shares their accomplishments in Region X in terms of shifting to online applications for permits which made their operations easier. He mentions that there will always be discussions within to come up with a resolution or a strategy to better serve the people. ASEC Adorable concludes his speech expressing that he is looking forward to working with each offices along with their designated functions, build teamwork and together create one perfect machine as DENR.

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