Every June 05 of the year, people across the world celebrated World Environment Day (WED) to remind us of our duties and responsibilities towards the environment.

WED 21 1
This year, the theme for 2021 World Environment Day is “Ecosystem Restoration”. DENR Central Visayas conducts different activities regionwide including information, education and communication campaign, rivers and coastal clean-up, growing of trees and mangroves to transform or restore a healthy ecosystem which is sustainable for a period of time.

These are examples of degraded ecosystems such as polluted rivers, deforested landscape, overexploited forests, and non-fertile agricultural land. Degradation of ecosystems may be natural or anthropogenic. However, to a large extent damage to ecosystems is an anthropocentric concern. The pandemic only remind us, how we have cause the harm to nature and how important it is to protect the environment.

As part of the celebration, DENR 7 in partnership with other national government agencies, the Department of Tourism (DOT), Philippine National Police, Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Airforce, PNP Maritime Group, Philippine Army, SWAT/MCPO, BIR, LGU Lapulapu City, BLGU Marigondon, PCAPI7, PCSSD, Kadaugan Conquerors, divers group and other stakeholders participated the coastal and underwater clean-up at Marigondon Public Beach and Maribago beach.

A total of 52.66 kg of trash was collected during the clean-up. Most of the trash collected underwater were glass bottles.

WED 21 2

RED Paquito Melicor, Jr. said, there are numerous ways to prevent the loss of million species, to scale up the restoration of the ecosystem and enhance food security. Prevent, stop and reverse the damage caused by mankind. Ikaw, Ako, Kita Ang Kalikopan.