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Application Development Services

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Over the last decade, when the global market started going through wave after wave of rapid transformation, several basic truths emerged:

  • Technology evolves as fast as people’s minds change
  • The world only seems smaller, but the miles between continents that products and services have to cross remain very real
  • If a product or service succeeds in simplifying things, chances are, the amount of work that went into it was anything but simple

What you chose to do with these shared certainties more or less defined where your business was headed. Do you stick with what you know to survive or do you evolve to get ahead? 

As the IT solutions partner of several global organizations, Pointwest knows the best way to stay competitive in an unpredictable market is embrace change and become agile. Given organizations are highly dependent on IT infrastructure, it is crucial that business applications be more than just reliable. They should be able to cross boundaries – bridge the world’s cities and optimize, i.e. simplify, transactions – and still be agile enough to overcome any unforeseen change in the market.

Services We Offer

Application Development

Pointwest transforms businesses with IT-enabled applications customized to meet large-scale operational requirements and adapt to an increasingly demanding market. Using a combined onsite/ offshore approach with an end-to-end delivery process, we build applications that are:

  • Intuitive – allows for easy deployment and maintenance 
  • Modular – allows for seamless integration of enhancements, making them flexible and adaptive to market trends

Pointwest’s Application Development service also covers enhancements and enterprise integration. Aside from building solutions from the ground up, our team of expert developers also enhance an organization’s existing IT infrastructure to boost operational performance.

Enterprise application integration, on the other hand, is implemented whenever applicable. This extended service covers application-level, database-level, object-and-message-based, and file-based integration. Our performance metrics include increasing organizational flexibility with automated business processes, and decreasing maintenance costs and operational risks. 

With our IT applications as the backbone of your organization, you can create new capabilities, expand into new verticals, and manage operational costs.

Application Re-architecture/ Re-platforming

Aside from building high-value business applications, Pointwest also modernizes systems by redesigning architecture and solutions blueprint that pave the way for enterprise application integration. Alternatively, we can enable for the web applications originally written for legacy environments. By adding a new layer to translate the user interface input and output, the original system underneath remains the same. 

The process we employ across all re-architecture/ re-platforming projects ensures existing functional requirements remain unchanged. We make it a point, however, to improve a platform’s performance like broadening its compatibility and ensuring its scalability.

Application Re-engineering

IT applications perform even better when supported by an optimized business process. Pointwest re-engineers the processes and technical architecture of an organization to streamline a specific business operation captured by the application.

Application Conversion

Pointwest also migrates business processes to a new information/ code format or operating environment. We rewrite application codes; we also migrate data to new systems, or applications to new platforms. Our conversion services make application maintenance easier and operations more scalable, since the underlying technologies used are familiar to IT professionals.

Mobile Application Development

The rise of mobility technology has disrupted the way organizations do business and has ushered an era of boundless innovation. Pointwest continues to build its mobile capabilities to help organizations realize the huge profit potential of mobility. Our applications, built using iOS and Android technologies, have proven especially useful for go-to-market strategies designed to feed the growing mobile culture. Pointwest already has a solid track record in mobile, having developed mobile banking and real-time messaging applications.

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