NAMRIA turn-over maps to DENR 7

DENR 7 Regional Director Gilbert C. Gonzales received some electronic and printed maps from the National Mapping and Resources Information Authority (NAMRIA) containing the data results of the environment and natural resource mapping conducted on the region’s land cover, coastal resources and low lying areas vulnerable to sea-level rise.

  During the turn-over, RD Gonzales thanked NAMRIA through their representative Mr. Raul Magabo, Chief of Land Resource Division of NAMRIA, for providing the maps that would be essential in the continued implementation of various environmental and land-related programs of the DENR especially in the Central Visayas Region.

These fundamental datasets serve as vital input in policy formulation, physical and developmental planning, provision of social services, disaster risk-reduction and management and climate change mitigation and adaptation studies at all levels.


Turn-over of directorship of MGB-7

MGB Acting Director Wilfredo Moncano led the turn-over of directorship of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Region 7 from outgoing Regional Director Loreto Alburo to the new OIC, Regional Director Engr. Efren V. Carido from DENR Region 12.

Dir. Carido, a former Chief of the Mine Safety and Social Development Division of MGB Region 12 is a Mining Engineer by profession and has gained a wide experience in the mining profession serving DENR-MGB in the last 30 years.

The turn-over was witnessed by DENR Regional Execurive Director Gilbert Gonzales who extended his all out support to the new MGB head.


Photo Releases

Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary. OIWS is the country’s first wetland of international importance for waterfowl declared under RAMSAR. This wetland area is now a critical stopover for tens of thousands of migratory birds travelling the East Asian Migratory Flyway, one of the most important shorebird and water bird migratory flyways in the world.


Hidden Bird Paradise. Mahaba Island in Talibon, Bohol is an undiscovered bird’s paradise. Mahaba Island is part of Barangay Calituban, one of eight island barangays of the Municipality of Talibon, which is located on the northwest side of Bohol.

Counting the gains of NGP. One of the most successful and remarkable milestones of National Greening Program (NGP) in Central Visayas is the established Coffee Plantations in San Pascual, Ubay, Bohol established in 2011 by the Ubay Federated Tree Planters Association, Inc. (UFTPAI).

As of today, UFTPAI native coffee is now marketed in Ubay and all other neighboring municipalities in Bohol.

Bugnay Wine. Made and produced by partner people’s organization, the Ubay Federated Tree Planters Association, Inc. (UFTPAI) in San Pascual, Ubay, Bohol

Man-made Molave Forest. One of Siquijor’s pride, the reforestation site is one of the oldest in the country, established in 1937. This 202.15-hectare molave plantation is found in Salagdoong, Maria, Siquijor.

Man-made Molave Forest (Salagdoong, Maria, Siquijor)

Nature’s Mystic Beauty. Lamanoc Island, Anda, Bohol. A newly discovered ecotourism destination in Bohol and is part of the Candijay-Anda-Mabini Mangrove Swamp Forest Reserve and Wilderness Area, a protected area managed by the DENR.

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